About Us

Broken Willow Tree Service Is in business to provide proper care of trees and shrubs. We focus on correctly maintaining our customer’s trees and shrubs. Our goal is to keep our customers trees as healthy and trouble free in the landscape as possible. Trees living in the fields and woods don’t need any care, in a landscape, they need to be pruned for low canopy, dead wood periodically removed, kept out of walkways, trimmed up over drives, pruned away from walls and roofs, and worked on for many other reasons. All of this work is not something that naturally happens to trees, so it needs to be done with an eye to not causing unnecessary damage to the plant.


To accomplish this goal we spend a lot of time on training and education. Bruce Kreitler is an International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist. In addition, Bruce is also certified by the Texas Forest Service to deal with oak wilt and we pass on training and techniques to all employees.


We are proud of the fact that the longer our employees stay with us, the more they learn about trees and the more they come to appreciate the benefits of healthy trees.




International Society of Arboriculture
Texas Forest Service
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Karl Kuemmerling: Equipment Supplier