Residential Fences

At Broken Willow we have been building quality long lasting residential fences for many years. In the past this was a service to our regular tree customers only and we didn’t advertise building fences. This part of the business grew to the point that we decided to go ahead and offer it along with our other services.


We build both residential chain link and wood fences.


Our emphasis is on good looking quality fences that are cost effective because they last a very long time.

Our wood fences are built with all cedar lumber on metal posts.

Our chain link fences are built with longer heavier posts.


We can build anything from the basic backyard fence to an ornate, double sided, wood capped, rock pillar fence and anything in between.

All of our attachments are done with screws, bolts, or clamps. We don’t use any nails or staples at all.


We take pride in our fences and we stand behind them.