Recommended Trees for Abilene & the Surrounding Area

Bur Oak – One of the larger growing oaks with less chance of contracting oak wilt.


Chinkapin Oak – A white oak group tree that will do well in this area.


Monterey Oak – A white oak tree that is semi-evergreen in Abilene and is just being introduced to this region.


Live Oak – Needs no explanation, but is susceptible to Oak wilt.

Shumard Oak – A very popular tree that SHOULD NOT be planted in clusters, Also any red oak that contracts oak wilt is doomed.


Texas Oak – Another popular red oak that shouldn’t be planted in clusters.


Cedar Elm – its foliage and growth pattern make it resemble a live oak in the summer, but is very susceptible to mistletoe infestation. Its best application is in rough untended sites.


Afghan Pine – A very hardy evergreen that tolerates our dry alkaline soil extremely well, but shouldn’t be planted in a watered landscape.


Allepo Pine – a good drought tolerant pine that can stand a little more water than the Afghan.


Italian Stone Pine – Drought tolerant with a little different shape than most pines.


Deodar Cedar – A large fairly quick growing cedar that makes a good specimen tree as a stand alone planted away from structures or other plants.


Pecan – Probably the closest thing to the perfect shade tree in this part of Texas as long as the aphids are controlled.


Chinese pistache – A good quick growing shade tree with good fall color and drought tolerance.


Baldcypress – the ultimate survivor, these should be planted only where the root knees won’t be a problem if they develop.


Flameleaf sumac – excellent survivability and great fall color, but very invasive, plant where you want the entire area covered with small colorful trees and where you can contain them.


Redbud – an excellent small growing low maintenance short life tree that has good spring color, also one of the few trees that does okay as an under story tree.


Desert willow – A graceful small growing flowering tree that is extremely drought tolerant and is NOT in the willow family.


Texas Mountain Laurel – A large growing shrub that is under utilized in this area with striking spring blooms. Keep in mind the beans it produces are toxic.


Vitex (Chaste tree) – A drought tolerant low growing multi stem flowering tree.


Arborvitae – Evergreen shrub shaped tree spreading into many trunks right at the base of the tree that keeps that shape into maturity and will become very large and need lots of room.