Broken Willow : Services

Consulting: We will be glad to talk with you about existing trees that you have, tree health and function, selection of trees for planting, placement of trees in your landscape, and any other tree related questions that you may have.

Fertilization: We carry the full line of Mauget injected fertilizers so that we can fertilize exactly where it is needed with no waste or runoff.


Treating: We treat or oversee treatment of trees for nearly any treatable disease, fungus, or insect problem that trees may develop. We use the Mauget line of products so that we can treat most tree problems systemically, this means that we can treat your tree individually for most pests, bacterial infections and fungi without any runoff drift or overspray. We are licensed and certified for these applications.


Testing: We can have trees sampled and lab tested for a large number of diseases and fungi.


Tree Planting: We supply, plant, and guarantee many varieties of trees ranging in size from fruit tree whips to 10” caliper oak trees.

Tree Pruning: We prune and trim trees with the two main goals of leaving as healthy a tree as possible, while fulfilling our customers wishes as to clearance, shape, size, and etc. The pruning is always discussed with the customer before the job is scheduled to make sure that the customer’s needs are properly met.

Tree removals: We remove trees of all shapes and sizes in nearly any spot. We do this in as low impact a manner as possible by limiting the size and type of equipment we use as much as practical. After a removal, the yard and surrounding area should be neat and clean, not rutted and torn up.